English studying vocabulary

How do you prepare for an exam? Do you study regularly, or leave it all to the last minute? Here are some common words and phrases to talk about studying and taking exams.

take an exam / sit an exam = do an exam
pass an exam = get a good enough mark to succeed
fail an exam = not pass :((

take extra lessons / have private tuition / private coaching = pay for a personal teacher to help you with the subject

Before the exam
revise = go over everything you’ve studied
swot up = an informal synonym for “revise”
cram = try and force as much information into your head as possible
learn by heart / memorise = try to remember facts etc, without necessarily understanding them
test yourself = try to test your knowledge of something so that you really know it, rather than just learning it by heart

During the exam
cheat / copy / use a crib sheet = use dishonest methods to try and pass the exam, such as copying someone else, or hiding notes so you can read them during the exam

get a good / high mark = do well in the exam
get a bad / low mark = do badly in the exam
pass with flying colours = pass with high marks
scrape a pass = only just pass

What sort of student are you?
stellar = a star performer
hard-working = someone who tries
straight A = a student who always gets top marks
plodder = someone who works consistently, but isn’t particularly brilliant
mediocre = not bad, average
abysmal = terrible

source :http://www.english-at-home.com/vocabulary/english-studying-vocabulary/


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